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Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Works

1. Does an electrician need to be licensed?

  • Yes, an electrician does need to be licensed. All qualified electricians must hold a current Registered Electrical Contractors License and an A Class Electrical License with Energy Safe Victoria, in order to do electrical work.

2. Do I need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance?

  • Yes, all qualified electricians must sign and supply an Electrical Certificate of Compliance on completion of electrical work. It states that the work has been completed in compliance with the standards set out in the Electricity Act and meets all safety requirements.

3. Do you clean up after yourselves?

  • Yes, we treat your home as if it was ours. We place down drop sheets where we work and carry vaccuum cleaners to clean up on completion so your home is as clean as when we started.

4. Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard which both incur a Bank Fee of 1.5% of the total price.

5. Do you accept EFTPOS?

  • Yes, EFTPOS facilities are available.

6. Do you guarantee your work?

  • Yes, we give a 100% Lifetime Labour Guarantee.

7. Are low voltage downlights dangerous?

  • Low voltage halogen downlight globes get very hot and can be dangerous if installed incorrectly such as under insulation. There are now enclosures that go around them in the roof space to prevent the risk of fire.

8. Why does my Safety Switch keep tripping?

  • A Safety Switch will trip when it has detected a faulty appliance. Unplug all of your appliances from their power points and turn on your Safety Switch. If it stays up then plug each appliance back in one at a time till it trips again. The appliance that trips the Safety Switch is the faulty one which needs to be repaired or replaced. If you cannot reset the Safety Switch after unplugging everything, it needs replacing.

9. What exactly does a Safety Switch do?

  • A Safety Switch monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit. When current is detected leaking from a faulty switch, wiring or electrical appliance, the Safety Switch will automatically shut off, preventing you or your family getting an electric shock.

10. My switchboard has old ceramic fuses. Do I need to replace it?

  • Today's switchboards come with a Safety Switch which prevent electrocution and circuit breakers which stop the overloading of circuits which can cause fires.

Spilt System Works

1. What size split system do I need?

  • A qualified consultant from Splits 4 You will come out at no charge and determine the unit(s) that will suit your requirements.

2. What is an inverter?

  • The inverter allows the outdoor unit to vary its speed to match the required capacity of the indoor unit, achieving 30% more operating efficiency than conventional models making it much cheaper to run. They also reach desired temperatures more quickly and are much quieter than conventional models.

3. Do split systems come in cooling-only models?

  • Fujitsu and Daikin offer cooling only models and can be $100-$150 cheaper than reverse cycle (heating/cooling) models.

4. When purchasing a split system which is the best brand?

  • Splits 4 You stock all the leading brands and some brands suit certain applications better than others. Our consultant will advise you on which brand and unit(s) are best suited to your requirements.

5. What sort of warranty and guarantee am I going to get?

  • All units sold by Splits 4 You come with the Manaufacturer's Full 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty backed up with our 100% Satisfaction & Lifetime Labour Guarantee.